A century of experience in providing engineered ceramics and advanced material innovation.


Household Pottery

Household pottery products.

For over a century, CoorsTek has been the partner of choice for high-performance engineered ceramics and advanced material innovation. From household pottery in the 1910's to the world's most advanced materials company today, CoorsTek products make the world measurably better.

As the needs for energy and transportation continue to grow, so have the impacts on our environment. Over the years CoorsTek, with their customers, have developed materials and products aimed at improving our environment and our lives. Continuing in this tradition, CoorsTek Sensors was born with a vision to measure the world better, by bringing unique solutions to the next generation of challenges in particulate matter, nitrous oxides, hydrocarbon, and oxygen sensors.



Joint venture between Innovate! Technology and CoorsTek, Inc.

EmiSense was founded by the joint venture between Innovate! Technology and CoorsTek, Inc. in 2009. Since that time EmiSense has continued to develop a line of sensors aimed at solving some of the stringent automotive emission monitoring standards being set worldwide. Initial focus is on high-speed, ruggedized oxygen or lambda (air/fuel ratio) sensors, electronic-field particulate matter (PM) sensors, and simplified NOx (oxides of nitrogen) sensors.


Smart Sensors

CoorsTek Sensors, LLC formed to develop and deploy smart sensors.

Building on the success of EmiSense technologies, CoorsTek Sensors, LLC was formed to provide the automotive and industrial markets with a manufacturing source for smart sensors. CoorsTek Sensors combines decades of experience in high-volume serial production, multi-continent TS-certified manufacturing capacity, and a willingness to capitalize new capacity when and where needed to serve the global supply chain.



CoorsTek Sensors acquires Pegasor Oy.

In November 2014, CoorsTek Sensors acquired Pegasor Oy and their PM sensor technology. Pegasor has been nominated as one of the top candidates for Nordic Cleantech Open, and have been ranked number 3 in the hottest startup companies from Finland. The Pegasor PM sensor is perhaps the fastest on the market, capable of continuous, real-time monitoring of fine and ultrafine particles. Applications include engine, stack emission, and indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring. Combined, CoorsTek Sensors is poised to measure the world better through unique smart sensor solutions to the next generation of emission measurement requirements.